Your animal loves you! Unconditionally. And odds are, your dog, cat or horse is one of the beings closest to you in the world - so you only want what’s best for him or her. But life isn’t always easy.

Animals have feelings and emotions, just like we do. 
Certain events and experiences affect them and can cause stress. Animals communicate through their body language and behavior and when something’s wrong, they will let us know. But speaking different languages, we don’t always get the message...
Awareness is crucial to help us improve the everyday welfare of our animals. To expand the understanding between animals and their humans, I educate people how to be their animal’s 
Best Friend. Every animal deserves to be as healthy and happy as possible!!

Sandra Dolk - Vet Technician & Animal Welfare Practitioner

When to consult Building Bridges?

-   If you want to enhance your relationship with your pet or farm animal.                                                  -   If you have any questions or concerns about your animal’s behaviour.
-   If you are looking for natural ways to support your animal’s physical or emotional wellbeing. 
Please send me a message to schedule a complimentary, personal consultation. I’m looking forward to meeting you and your animal friend(s)! 

You are crucial for your animals health and happiness, 
as they totally rely and depend on you.

 What to expect from consulting Building Bridges?    

-    A better understanding of the cause & origin of your animals behavior
-    A roadmap, either:
o	To enhance the relationship with your animal
o	or to address any behavior issues
-    Insight into the needs, necessities and natural behavior of your animal (species/breed)
-    Knowledge of how our lives can reflect on our animals (mindset / mirror behavior animal)

More information on the subjects below will be available on this website soon!

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